English Program

If you join  full program of Elephant Steps Chiangrai. The price is 2500 Baht for adult

(Including  transportation, lunch, drinking water, tea, coffee, insurance, jungle trekking to follow our elephants, bathing elephants, feeding  elephants, Karen elephant drivers, guide, plant trees, plastic boots)

Half pricefor children aged under 10 years old( bring trousers for children)

Free for children under the age of two

The visit takes place at 8.30 a.m./8.45 a.m.The driver picks up from your hotel, arrive at our house at 9.15 a.m.On arrival, tea, coffee and then change your clothes.We lent you the clothes(trousers (adult size),    a tunic, a hat, a pair of plastic boots) and then you will be feeding the elephants. Then walk to jungle all day with elephants. Have lunch in the jungle.  And at 4 pm. the driver takes you to your hotel in the city or the bus station.    The maximum  is 9 people per day and the minimum  is 2 people. Just bring rain coat in case of rain and  the anti-mosquito product.For reservation I need your name and your passport number. Thank you.     And  the day before or two days before your arrival and your hotel name. Sleeping at a Thai family’s house is possible. The price is 1000 Baht. It includes accommodation, breakfastand return  to the city the next morning at 9.30 am. We also organise for the second day, half day morning cooking class,lunch at this place. In the afternoon, to choose between a bike ride 6 km. through rice – fields, caves, temples situated at jungle’s edge or wood carving course. you can take your object carved with you when you leave, soap making or meditation with Buddhist monk in the cave or participation in distribution  food packages for disadvantaged children in mountains with ABCD Pour Tous staffs. All inclusive price is 1500 Baht for one day. Please contact me for family price.We also propose the second night to stay at the Karen village in the jungle the house of the habitant in  bamboo house on stilts .  + 1000 Baht transportation  +  overnight stay+ dinner +breakfast + return to the city. The rate for 3 days/2 nights is 6000 Baht per person including the first day with our elephants. A night at the village, the next day cooking class, to choose 1 another activity(carving, bike ride. caves, participation in  distribution  food packages with ABCD Pour Tous staffs.And in the late afternoon transfer to Thai Apache, night and dinner at the  house of  Karen family, the next morning visit  Chiang Rai Blue Temple and transfer to the hotel in the city of your choosing or bus station or airport. The whole week with Elephant Steps Chiangrai all inclusive price is 12500 Baht. Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday, Wednesday to Wednesday, Thursday to Thursday … You can teach French to the village childrenfor 1 hour in the evening at the party room. Including days in the jungle, 1 day cooking class, wood carving course, massage, 1 day participation in distribution  food packages for disadvantaged children in mountains, etc. and 1 day with Thai Apache at the house of Karen family, visit Chiang Rai Blue Temple.

2 days following elephants in the jungle+ 2 nights

village stay(Village Thampatong) 2 days and a half+ 2 nights. The inclusive price is6000 Baht per person.Elephant Steps  in partnership with our ABCD association( help village children and villageelders) The percentage making to ABCD Pour Tous association as well as Kat Pat association (help animals abuse and sick animals)